Wells Adams Jokes He’s Eloping In Vegas If Wedding Gets Postponed This Year

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Wells Adams and fiancé Sarah Hyland have changed their wedding date quite a few times in order to hopefully say “I Do” during a healthy year for people to gather. But if the global pandemic prevents the reality star turned TV personality from marrying the love of his life one more time, he has a backup plan.

“Listen, we’ve postponed it two years in a row. If something else crazy happens this year, then we’re just jasa dekorasi pernikahan pekanbaru going to go to Vegas with powder blue suits and knock it out,” Adams told ET Canada during an interview at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions.

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“I’m not sure if we can wait another year,” Adams added. “We’ll see. Who knows what’s going to happen.”

While the state of the world remains at a standstill due to the ongoing global pandemic, Adams admits he’s been inspired by a lot of his friends in Bachelor Nation who decided to go through with their original wedding plans.

“I loved [Ben Higgins] wedding. His wedding was awesome, but he invited way too many people,” Adams said. “He had like 400 people there. I don’t even know 400 people, let alone like 400 people.”

“One thing he did that I loved is he had a whisky room,” Adams added. “It was like a whisky tasting room, which was awesome. But it probably turned into debauchery by the end of the night.”

Sitting next to Adams, Higgins chimed in to set the vibe, explaining wedding organizer pekanbaru terbaik how his wedding guests got to taste bourbon on nice leather couches in a separate room from the main party.

“There was none left though,” Higgins said disappointed. “I thought I was going to be able to take home some good bottles, but there was none left. Too good of a time.”

On the note of Higgins wedding, the former “Bachelor” admitted he is loving his life as a married man.

“I was nervous about getting married, even years ago, I never could think through the idea of getting married. I didn’t know if I would make a good husband, I didn’t know if I’d ever feel ready, and it was incredible leading up to the wedding day. I never had the nerves, I never had any questions, and now it’s just been so much fun,” Higgins said. “She’s my best friend, we get to hang out, I get to wake up and she’s there, I get to go to bed and she’s there, and we get to have dinners together.”

“So now I think the best part of being married is when we talk life, we talk about life together,” Higgins added.

Though the newlyweds aren’t ready for kids just yet, they’re very open to starting their family soon.

“Right now, I’m being convinced to get a puppy in the next couple of weeks, which will be our first big step as a couple, which would have never happened unless we were married, but now she has a little more pull over our decisions than before,” Higgins said.

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As for kids, Higgins gives it three years.

“I hope it’s in the future,” Higgins said. “Yeah, that’s the plan, it’s in the future. Time is relative when it comes to kids. First a puppy. I’m excited for kids. Jessica is 26. If we could plan this out perfectly, it would be in the next two or three years, but we can’t always help what God’s up to.”

Higgins and Adams are spending the week together as they compete in the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions. The fun tournament brings together PGA players and celebrities to raise more awareness for LPGA and the women in the sport.

“We had a tough competition today and I won, but here’s the thing. Ben blew his knee out like six months ago so he’s coming off an in jury,” Adams said.

Though Higgins is currently recovering from a dislocated knee during a pick up basketball game, he believes he’ll peak and ultimately win by the end of the week.

“This is a big event for me. You don’t realize how much I look forward to this. When this is over on Sunday, Monday, I’ll be ready for next year,” Higgins said.

“It’s one of the only times a year I can get competitive. I can tee up, I can feel like I’m a part of something, I want to play well, I want to show myself how good I am, and then I love golf,” he added. “Wells and I play a lot of golf and most of the time it’s just for fun, and that’s great, but this makes you feel like you’re a pro when you’re walking alongside the ropes and you have a caddy and people are following you.”

The tournament can be watched this week on NBC and the Golf Channel.

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